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The Faerious Sector Campaign

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(no subject) [Apr. 7th, 2006|09:34 am]
The Faerious Sector Campaign
Love your work guys, and thanks for the pdf. post some pics yeah :D
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Welcome to the Faerious Sector [Apr. 6th, 2007|03:03 am]
The Faerious Sector Campaign

This is the Livejournal for a whole new campaign for the Games Workshop game: Battlefleet Gothic.

Originally wirtten for the Sheffield University Wargames Society it is now made available for you to use and play yourself, and to provide ample inspiration for your own attempts at campaign writing and scenario creation.

You can download the current version of the introduction, information pack, sector map etc. from here.

If you have any feedback or questions at all about this document or anything else related to the setting please leave a comment and I will reply as soon as possible. Thank you.
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(no subject) [Mar. 1st, 2005|09:58 pm]
The Faerious Sector Campaign

Race Fleet (List) Renown
Drawn Lost
Richard Human
Imperial Navy – Segmentum Solar Bastion Fleet
2 0
Tau Kor’vatra
Chaos Incursion
Dark Angel Space Marines
Ork Waaagh!!!
UFP/UDP (Imp. Navy)
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Campaign Update [Mar. 1st, 2005|09:32 pm]
The Faerious Sector Campaign

[Current Music |Queen - She Makes Me (Stormtrooper In Stilettos)]

Thought For The Day: Blessed Are The Gunmakers

The Imperial Crusade had hit a large obstacle to its continued  progress; a rather Tau shaped one at that.

Days after it victory against the xenos over an unknown world  a larger force of Tau ambushed an Imperial sub-battlegroup over Tinilus III, crippling most of the cruisers present and forcing the Imperial force to disengage, costing the Tau a measly 2 escorts and minor damage to one of their cursed "Hero" cruisers. Fortunately the recently landed Imperial Guard detachments on the planet's surface were able to deter the Tau from making any serious landings; their fleet moving off content with their victory.

It appears that there is a significant Tau presence within the Dangreth sub-sector, and indeed through out the sector. Intelligence reports indicate that the Tau appeared within the sector some years ago, and being unable to leave due to the warp storms were approached by the then Sector Lord and were invited to sign a treaty where in exchange for one world in each sub-sector the Tau would actively protect the inhabitants of the sector by a policy of persuing hostile raiders and containing those that had become too established, such as the Orks of the system of Forlorn.

The Imperial command faces a dilemma; should the crusade:
a)  Push it's way through the Tau lines to persue Davross, and face having a large enemy force between it and it's supply lines, in the hope that the Sector Lord will be able to provide supplies and docking facilities. A gamble which could either shorted the crusade's duration by months or destroy it completely
b) Try to obliterate the Tau presence, in spite of mounting losses and risking the wrath of the Sector Lord and making the crusade's task of securing the sector all the more difficult.
c) Try to get to Faerios via the Burl and Grazoth sub-sectors, by far a more circuitious route. And of course the Ork Infested sytem of Forlorn stands in the way...

Or even (like the fate of the Damocles Gulf Crusade)...
d)  Enter into a treaty with the Tau, that the Imperials will spare them conflict if the xenos allow them to resume the pursuit of Davross and not attack their supply lines. Ni'elson saw this as the wisest course of action given the circumstances...

Though not  universally accepted by the Command, especially among the Dark Angel representatives it was Ni'elson's authority and renown as a military commander that finally got a  communique sent to the Tau Ethereal Caste representatives via a "cooperative" Rogue Trader. A reply has yet to be received...

In the meantime a convoy must be organised to bring fresh supplies, ships and men to further the campaign.

The Emperor Protects

+++Message Ends+++
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New Contact: The Brave and Daring Forces of Kor'el Astall'O'rel [Feb. 15th, 2005|07:56 pm]
The Faerious Sector Campaign

+++About The Player+++
Age: 21?
First played BFG: << Unknown >>
Number of "Proper" BFG Games To Date: << Unknown >>
Outright Wins: << Unknown >>
Draws: << Unknown >>
Losses: << Unknown >>
Races Fought: Imperial Navy & << Unknown >>
Largest Game Fought: << Unknown >>
Website: << Unknown >>

Why do you play Tau?:
"I play Tau because I really like the idea of playing as the new race trying
to create an empire against all the established races (Imperial, Eldar, etc)
and the rules for using Tau make them  more specialised than some fleets and in
some ways more fun to use because of it, oh and I've never ever seen or heard
of anyone else using them (I like to be different)."

+++About The Admiral & Fleet+++
Name: Kor'el Astall'O'rel
Renown: 3
Age: << Unknown >>
Race: Tau
Fleet List: << Unknown >>
Flagship: <<  Unknown >>
Reason for being in the Faerious Sector: For The Greater Good!

+++ Fleet Registry +++
Capital Ships
     "Fynyr"             Explorer class battleship (vash'ya config) Ld8,
     "An'O'Rel II"     Explorer class battleship (vash'ya config) Ld6, [Destroyed In Last Game]
     "Il'Varin"            Hero class cruiser (vash'ya config) Ld9,Elite command crew
     "S'un Tzu"         Hero class cruiser (vash'ya config) Ld7,
     "Thal'O'dar"      Hero class cruiser (vash'ya config,superior hull) Ld6, [Reinforcement]
     "Hatamoto II"   Merchant class cruiser(Kel'shan config,superior hull) Ld 6,
     "Nata'l'ya"         Merchant class cruiser (Kel'shan config) Ld 7,

     (1/3) Defenders Ld 8, [Withdrawn From Sector]
     (3/3) Defenders Ld 9,
     (2/2) Orca Ld special,
     (2/2) Orca Ld special,
     Messenger Ld 7,
     Messenger Ld 6,
     (3/3) Nicassar Dhows Ld special,
     (3/3) Nicassar Dhows Ld special.

+++Message Ends+++
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Campaign News and Maps [Feb. 13th, 2005|05:20 am]
The Faerious Sector Campaign

Campaign Turn One
The Imperial Taskforce has let little come between them and their goal of "saving" the Faerious Sector, with fully half of the sub-sector under their command. However all is not well with the Imperials. The Dark Angels and the Imperial-alied UDP (Union of Democratic Planets) battlegroup being quickest at gaining control of the systems deeper into the sub-sector; the Dark Angels mysteriously  bypassing the Capital of the sub-sector, Dangreth, in favour of a Mining world. The largest of the Imperial fleets under the command of Fleet-Admiral Ni'elson settling for an Agri-World, designated DNTH/A1X.

After their apparent intial rush to claim the worlds of the sector for the Imperium both the Dark Angels and UDP detachments were reluctant to follow up their success and engage the enemy elements within Dangreth. This, combined with the DA's bypassing of the capital system, left Dangreth itself vulnerable to a large cuiser formation led by the Demon-Warmaster: Davross

Only the swift intervention by advance elements of Ni'elson's fleet, led by the Mars class battlecruiser Indefatigable, saved the planet from falling into the hand/tentacles/claws etc. of Davross and an unimaginable fate by engaging the chaos cruiser squadron around a small planet in the outer biophere. This engagement resulted in the Imperial cruisers receiving minor damage in exchange for forcing all the enemy ships to disengage (2 of the ships being crippled before they escaped) and were persued out-system by the escorts and light cruisers of the new-ly arrived Imperial reinforcements.

Contact with Davross' forces were however lost when the Imperial fleet discovered to their great surpise and displeasure a large Tau fleet consisting of 1 battleship, 3 cruisers, the same number of orbitals and numberous escorts, at station around an Agri-World. The Imperial commander hesistated not in engaging the enemy destroying the enemy battleship, a whole escort squadron and a so-called "Merchant" cruiser along with an orbital station. It is deep regret however that the Diadem, a cruiser which performed so admirably against Davross, was destroyed outright in a plasma-drive overload, taking a couple of xenos escorts with it. The light-cruiser Alert was crippled and forced to disengage only moments into the battle. The captain was not however immediately executed; the commisaar having received a severe head wound when the ship was rocked by a series of torpedo hits.

Despite a great victory the Imperials were unable to "liberate" the planet due a LARGE amount of Tau ground forces and the remaining xenos capital ships and orbitals would have prevented any effective bombardment. The Imperial commander instead electing to resume the persuit of Davross leaving the bewildered Tau (who this day earned the respect of many a sailor) to their planet...for now. Unfortunately Davross was not found and there is no trace of him.

An Ork fleet has again been spotted but has yet again evaded egagement. Scouting elements have reported an Ork infested system but composistion of the inhabitant's forces have yet to be confirmed.

The afore mentioned "bypassing" by the Dark Angels has led to speculation that they are following their own "agenda", having spent some time about their new mining world. Likewise the reluctance (refusal?) of the UDP forces raises questions of loyalty and competance. Like I said before all is possibly not well with the crusade with 3 enemy forces without and maybe at least another within.

One hopes that the the next sub-sector will not be so troublesome.

The Emperor protects.

Farious Sector Map
Dangreth Deployment Map
Dangreth Campaign Turn 1a
Dangreth Campaign Turn 1b (current)

Red = Chaos
Green = Orks
Mauve = Union of Democratic Planets
Dark Green = Dark Angels
Grey = Imperial (Ni'elson)
Yellow = Tau
White = Neutral

A = Agri-World
C = Civilised World
I = Ork Infested (Counts as Civilised for Orks, Uninhabited for All Others)
M = Mining World
U = Unihabited World
P = Penal Colony
H = Hiveworld
F = Forgeworld
X = Exterminated World
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Campaign Turn #1 [Feb. 9th, 2005|12:57 pm]
The Faerious Sector Campaign

Turn One Matches:
#1. 08/02/05 Chaos [Alistair Little] vs Imperial Navy [Richard Shaw] --- See Results Section Below
#2. 12/02/05 Dark Angel Space Marines [Dave] vs Tau [Mike]
#3. ??/02/05 Orks [Simon] vs Imperial Navy [Ryk]

If you're still interested in taking part could Simon and Ryk please bring their fleets on Saturday as I will be starting the 2nd campaign turn a week on Saturday when an new sub-sector will be opening up for expansion. You don't want to miss out on planets now do you? ;)

Match Results:
The first match was held last night:

#1. 08/02/05 Chaos [Alistair Little] vs Imperial Navy [Richard Shaw]

Scenario Played: Fleet Engagement
Chaos Pt Values: 905
Forces: Styx [LD8], Slaughter [LD9], Carnage [LD8] , Murder [LD7]
Imperial Pt Values: 895
Forces: Mars [LD 6 (8 from Admiral)], Tyrant [LD8], Dictator [LD7] & Lunar (Minotaur) [LD9]

Imperial VPs: 170
Chaos VPs: 0

The game ended on turn 5 with Alistair conceeding defeat, with only 2 ships remaining on the table, 2 having disengaged having being crippled, the Carnage in turn 5 and Slaughter in turn 4. Moderate damage had been done in reply to the Imperials with both the Mars and Tyrant being 1 HP away from being crippled, the Lunar being saved from being crippled by the Styx's final bomber wave by the intervention of blast markers. Both commanders used up their 1 re-roll.

Hit Points Remaining:
Styx 7/8
Slaughter 3/8
Murder 8/8
Carnage 3/8 (5/8 after repairs)

Mars 5/8 (8/8 after repairs)
Tyrant 5/8 (6/8 after repairs)
Lunar 7/8
Dictator 8/8

The Lunar received crew skill Expert Gunnery, and the Mars received a LD increase, as did the Dictator. Battlegroup Victorious now control the civilised world Dangreth Prime, the sub-sector capital. Reinforcements were granted to Alistair in the form of a Despoiler class battleship.

+++Full Battle Report to Follow Soon+++
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New Contact: Battlegroup Victorious commanded by Admiral Ni'elson [Feb. 9th, 2005|12:32 pm]
The Faerious Sector Campaign

+++About The Player+++
Name: Richard S aka archimedesuk
Age: 19
First played BFG: 4 years ago
Number of "Proper" BFG Games To Date: 8
Outright Wins: 1
Draws: 2
Losses: 5
Races Fought: Orks, Space Marines, Chaos, Imperial Navy
Largest Game Fought: 2500pts
Website: A.UK Online VI

+++About The Admiral & Fleet+++
Name: Admiral Ni'elson
Age: << Classified >>
Race: Human; Imperial Navy
Fleet List: Segmentum Solar; Bastion Fleets
Flagship: Vicotorious; Formerly of the Indomitabe
Reason for being in the Faerious Sector: To Secure it against the enemies of the Imperium

+++Initial 2000pts Fleet List+++
Capital Ships
Victorious Retribution Battleship
Indomitable Mars Class Battlecruiser (Imperious Variant)
Achille Dictator Class Cruiser
Warrior Gothic Class Cruiser
Europa Lunar Class Cruiser
Diadem Lunar Class Cruiser (Minotour Variant - Nova Cannon)
Relentless Tyrant Class Cruiser (Upgraded Weapons Batteries)
Alert Dauntless Class Cruiser (Torpedo Variant)
Juno Squadron 4x Cobra Class Destroyers
Gold Squadron 3x Sword Class Frigates
Faust Squadron 3x Firestorm Class Frigates

+++Message Ends+++
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Campaign Introduction [Feb. 9th, 2005|12:26 pm]
The Faerious Sector Campaign

+++Segmentum: Segmentum Ultima+++
+++Sector: Faerious+++
+++Sub-Sectors: Faerious; Grazoth; Burl; Dangreth Majoris+++
+++Sector Capital: Faerious Prime+++
+++Fleet Base: Grazoth Secundus+++

+++Xenos Races Present: Unknown; Tau, Ork and Eldar forces rumoured to be present+++
+++Status: Unknown+++


Little is known of the Faerious Sector, most campaigns have passed it by and nearby Warp storms have deterred all but the most foolhardy from venturing in. What little is known is that the sector is rich in agriculture and minerals, with most of it’s inhabited planets constituting agri-worlds. Despite being somewhat isolated it has remained loyal to the Imperium under a powerful Planetary Governor named Xavier-San Dorni, who takes it upon himself to impose the continued Will of the Emperor with his fleet of re-commissioned, and somewhat elderly, Imperial Navy warships and retro-fitted commerce vessals, though ddmittedly, the sector’s isolation from the wider Galaxy, has helped him in this task by keeping out enemies with more sophisticated weaponry and vessals. The presence of Orks and other xenos has been reported, but numbers and composition are yet unknown.

However, a returning Rogue Trader named Grant Sperio, reported a near deadly confrontation with a large Ork raiding force whilst traversing the sector, a confrontation which caused the “trader” some displeasure as several of his transports were lost to Ork boarders. Other rumours postulate that the Eldar and Tau are doing “business” with some of the lessar Governors of the sector.

This raises some questions:
How are xenos races getting into the sector so easily?
If lessar governors are dealing with xenos is Dorni doing so?
If he isn’t, should the lessar governors decide to rebel against him, using xenos aid most likely, can we rely on his aged forces to maintain control?
If he is dealing with aliens will he attempt to seceed from the Emperor’s Light?
And finally, if some governors are dealing with aliens, could some be dealing with the Ruinous Powers?

The Answers seem to be that the warp storms on the boundaries of some of the sub-sectors seem to be lifting, allowing easier access to the Sector. What is making them disperse is not known at this time. The answers to all the other questions would be that we simply do not know at this time.

My only possible recommendation is thus: Imperial Task Forces must be assembled and sent to the Faerious Sector. If they find the Governor Dorni to be loyal to the Emperor, they must aid him in repelling the xenos (and possible Chaos) threat, punishing any dissident factions. It is doubtful his personal fleet will be effective enough against the enemies that now show themselves. If they find him unloyal he must be removed from power and the Emperor’s Divine Rule re-established. By any means necessary.

+++Message Ends+++
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